Curriculum Vitae


  • (2018) Ph.D. in Learning Analytics - Stockholm University - Title: “Using Learning Analytics to Understand and Support Collaborative Learning”

Work Experience

  • (2023-Now) Associate Professor - University of Eastern Finland - School of Computing
  • (2020-2022) Senior Researcher - University of Eastern Finland - School of Computing
  • (2020-2021) Postdoctoral Researcher - KTH Royal Institute of Technology (combined position with UEF)
  • (2019-2020) Postdoctoral Researcher - University of Eastern Finland - School of Computing
  • (2019) Researcher - Stockholm University - Department of Computer and System Sciences
  • (2018-2019) Postdoctoral Researcher - Paris Cite University

Research Funding

  • (2022) Finnish Academy of Science
    Role: PI
    Project name: TOPEILA
    Amount: 231.6 K €
  • (2023) European Council Erasmus+
    Role: Co-Applicant
    Project name: ISILA
    Amount: 250K€
  • (2023) Nordplus
    Role: Co-Applicant
    Project name: BalticSeaBioMed/2023
    Amount: 68,905 €
  • (2020) European Council Erasmus+
    Role: PI
    Project name: ENVISION 2027
    Amount: 288K € (46K for UEF)
  • (2021) European Council Erasmus+
    Role: Co-PI
    Project name: ILEDA
    Amount: 227K € (61K for UEF)
  • (2019) Swedish Academy of Science
    Role: Co-PI
    Amount: 6 million SEK (20%)
  • (2018) Office of Academic Innovation, University of Michigan, USA
    Role: Individual grant
    Amount: 10,000 USD
  • (2022) Finnish Academy of Science
    Role: Team member (20%)
    Project name: Generation AI
    Amount: 886,391 €

Recent reviews / evaluations / industry collaborations

  • (2021) The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)
  • (2020) City of Helsinki - Finland for the development of AI in education
  • (2018) Qassim University (Academic accreditation)
  • (2016) College of Medicine program accreditation
  • (2015) World Federation of Medical Education Accreditation program of college of medicine
  • (2018-2019) Dugga e-assessment inclusion of psychometrics and analytics
  • (2013) Research Council of the Sultanate of Oman grant application evaluation


  • (2023) Europe Emerging Scholar Award by the the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR) for noteworthy research leading to significant knowledge and understanding of learning analytics and the impact of their research on learning analytics application, adoption, and professional development in Europe.
  • (2023) Best paper award at the TEEM 2023 conference (Bragança, Portugal). Track "Gamification and Games for Learning (GAMILEARN)"
  • (2023) Best paper award at the TEEM 2023 conference (Bragança, Portugal). Track "Data-Driven Education: Overcoming Hurdles for the Future of Learning Analytics"
  • (2022) Outstanding paper award: In Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (SITE 2022)
  • (2020) Best paper award 28th International Conference on Computers in Education
  • (2018) University of Michigan, Office of Academic Innovation fellowship
  • (2018) Stockholm University, Sweden. Best thesis, Computer Science Department
  • (2012) The 5th Chekhov International Theatre Festival: Innovation Award
  • (2011) Outstanding staff award (College of Medicine)

Key academic merits and roles

  • (2023) Editorial board - British journal of educational technology
  • (2023) Editor - TELL 2023 Technology-Enhanced Learning in Laboratories
  • (2023) Guest editor - Learning and Individual differences
  • (2023) Track chair - TEEM 2023 Conference
  • (2023) Guest editor - Discover Education Journal
  • (2023) Editor in chief - “Learning analytics methods and tutorials: A practical guide using R” Springer book (ongoing)
  • (2022-Now) Associate Editor - IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
  • (2022-Now) Associate Editor - Frontiers in Computer Science
  • (2022-Now) Associate Editor - Frontiers in Education
  • (2022) Program Chair - 29th International Conference on Computers in Education 2021 (ICCE)
  • (2022) Organizing committee - NetSciLA 2022 Workshop "Networks and Learning Analytics: Addressing Educational Challenges" at LAK
  • (2022) Organizing committee - Finnish Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education (FLAIEC 2022)
  • (2021-Now) Special Issue Editor - Diversity in the Social Sciences: Researching Digital Education in and for the Global South (Frontiers in Education)
  • (2021-Now) Special Issue Editor - Towards 2030: Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities. An Educational Perspective (Frontiers in Education)
  • (2021-2022) Editor in chief - "Past present and future of computing education" Springer book (
  • (2021-2022) Chair - "Learning analytics" Track at the ICCE
  • (2021) Organizing committee - NetSciLA 2021 Workshop "Using Network Science in Learning Analytics: Building Bridges towards a Common Agenda" at LAK
  • (2021) Organizing committee - Nordic Learning analytics Summer institute
  • (2021) Program Chair - Koli calling
  • (2020, 2021, 2022) Program Chair - Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK)
  • (2020, 2021, 2022) Program Chair - European Conference on Technology enhanced learning (EC-TEL)
  • (2020, 2021, 2022) Program Chair - The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • (2020) Organizing committee - Workshop: Harnessing the Potentials of Technology to Support Self-Directed Language Learning in Online Learning Settings
  • (2020) Chair - "Network in the global World" session at "Networks in education"
  • (2020) Program Chair - NETGLOW conference Network in Education
  • (2019-2021) Senior Editor - International Journal of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Education (iJAI)
  • (2019) Academic Editor - PLOS One (Science of stories collection)
  • (2019) Organizing committee - Workshop: Quantitative ethnography as a framework for network analysis: a discussion of the foundations for network approaches to learning analysis
  • (2018-Now) Academic Editor - PLOS One (for learning analytics and education)
  • (2008-2018) Associate Editor - International Journal of Health Sciences

Peer review

Reviewed articles for many international scientific publications such as

Computers & Education Computers In Human Behaviors British Journal Of Education Technology Journal of the Learning Sciences Studies in Higher Education Behaviour & Information Technology British Journal of Educational Psychology Journal Of Computer Assisted Learning International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Journal Of Learning Analytics IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies PloS One Learning Analytics Conference And Knowledge (LAK) Advances in Health Sciences Education Medical Teacher International Journal Of Computers And Applications WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery ACM Transactions on Computing Education Complexity Artificial Intelligence Review IEEE Access Memory BMC Medical Education ICCE Sub-Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) Augmented Intelligence To Empower Education Conference Koli Calling Conference Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology International Society of the Learning Sciences Conference Networks in the Global World International Journal Of Health Sciences Interactive Learning Environments Advances In Medical Education And Practice Smart Learning Environments International Journal of Emerging Technologies In Learning SIMEC International Conference In Medical Education International Journal Of Learning Analytics And Artificial Intelligence For Education International Conference on Computers in Education European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning EC-TEL International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education Multimodal Learning Analytics Book Computing education book Quality of life research International journal of computers for mathematical learning. Learning and Motivation Education Data Mining Conference Expert Systems With Applications FLAIEC Conference ELEARNING Confernece Belgrade


Has successfully participated in or managed the following projects that included planning, documentation, collaboration with different departments and colleagues and stakeholders for optimum operation.

  • (2022) TOPEILA - University of Eastern Finland
    Academy of Finland funded project to study idiographic learning analytics

  • (2022) Generation AI - University of Eastern Finland
    A project to study AI for the new generation across several Finnish Universities, the total funding of the project is around six million Euros

  • (2020) ENVISION - University of Eastern Finland
    A Erasmus project that aims to develop Virtual Laboratory and Virtual Teamwork modules in the field of biosciences, and aid the development by studying how we can implement learning analytics (LA) to improve the digi-pedagogic quality of the modules. The overreaching goal of our Project is to offer the students individualized learning experience in the future, based on the real-time LA incorporated in the e-learning course modules.

  • (2021) ILEDA - University of Eastern Finland
    ILEDA is an Erasmus+ funded project with three main goals: (1) to design a framework for developing and integrating existing learning environments with digital tools in order to support online and blended learning with learning analytics, (2) to identify Learning analytics data that can be used to monitor learning performance, with the goal to identify at risk students of dropping out, and (3) to develop a software tool that collects and provides analysis on student learning activities.

  • (2019) OAHOT - University of Eastern Finland
    The aim of the research project is to identify through learning analytics, the key elements of learning processes that support the development of high quality learning and development of know-how. This research project examines the development of learners’ skills, the learning process, learning outcomes and the key elements in the pathway in multiple learning contexts through multiple case-studies, utilizing the same learning analytics tools.

  • (2018-2019) Co-inform - Stockholm University
    I designed, implemented, and analyzed the pilot project of co-creating resilient societies against misinformation for 9 universities across Europe.

  • (2018) IGEM - Paris Descartes University
    I analyzed scientific interactions using proximity sensors using social network analysis and machine learning (Multimodal learning analytics).

  • (2018) Dugga e-Assessment project - Stockholm University
    Inclusion of analytics in e-assessment platforms.

  • (2011-2017) Progress test project - Maastricht University
    I implemented e-assessment analytics among 30 universities, using item response and comparative analytics.

  • (2013-2018) Project-based learning curriculum implementation - Wright State University
    Using education technology to deliver curriculum and learning resources, transfer, and optimization.

  • (2012-2014) Preventive medicine project - Stanford University
    Using education technology to design and deliver disease prevention curriculum and learning resources.